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Evie is apparently taken with my new Velvet Underground record.

Trying to solve gender inequality in the workplace by telling women to be more confident is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It may give the passengers something to do, but it definitely won’t stop the ship from sinking.

Elizabeth Plank, It’s Not the ‘Confidence Gap’ – Here’s What’s Really Holding Women Back (via seriouslyamerica)

I’m reading The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—-What Women Should Know, written by the same authors of “The Confidence Gap” article, and it is most definitely written for a white, female audience.  While, yes, this is helpful for me as a white woman, I am feeling troubled about its lack of cultural awareness and deconstruction of gender socialization thus far (I’m not too far into it, so maybe this will change).  I think they’re attempting to take the route of encouraging women to be less perfectionistic and to be more authentic, but it does little to delve into the societal norms encouraging that perfection seeking attitude.  I do enjoy the book, but am doing so with a very critical eye.

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  1. Recover from waking up early for Record Store Day by taking a nap as long as humanly possible.
  2. Wake up from said nap and lament the choice to sleep instead of getting started on your final paper of the semester.
  3. Continue lamenting over the fact that you have done no work for your adviser in days.
  4. Study and/or work for a brief amount of time before you begin to think, “Shit.  I need to work out.  Better do that.”
  5. Commence yoga work out, all the while pushing back thoughts of, “Am I being productive?” and “Damn, how am I still this inflexible?”
  6. Pick a record to listen to while actually doing homework.
  7. Begin to notice how you haven’t cleaned your apartment in two weeks, how gross it is, and how necessary it will be to tidy up over the next few days.
  8. Realize that you actually need to deep clean said apartment before your dad and step-mom come out for your graduation ceremony in two weeks.
  9. Curl up into a ball because you cannot handle even the teensiest amount of stress at this point.
  10. Take another nap.


Woman Sitting in an Armchair Pablo Picasso

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Feeling like I came out of #rsd14 with a relatively good haul.


The Tourists.


So fucking excited for Record Store Day today!


why is annie lennox so insanely attractive

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